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Bark Store Sessions

Every Sunday (dependent on tides and daylight hours) we run a club session, free to all members, from our clubhouse on the River Hamble.


These two-hour sessions are led by qualified instructors. All types of paddle craft are welcome (canoes, kayaks and paddle boards), and we also have a large and varied fleet of canoes and kayaks that members can try out for free.

Come along and develop your flat water skills, try a different boat or simply meet new friends who share your enjoyment of a relaxing time on the water.


Taster Sessions

Interested in giving it a go but not sure yet if paddling is for you? Why not join in with one of our fun Sunday Taster Sessions, which are open to everyone, including non-members. There’s no need to buy all the equipment before you start paddling - put a ‘toe in the water’ by trying out one of our range of boats, to see what suits you best, before you commit!

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Pool & Lake Sessions

We run indoor pool sessions during the winter months and lake sessions during the summer. These are aimed at beginners wanting to learn some basics before taking to open water and at improvers looking to work on and perfect specific techniques, such as rolling, in a controlled environment.

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Several Upper Hamble Canoe Club members are qualified British Canoeing coaches who can instruct participants in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding.


We help members progress through the British Canoeing Award system at a rate that suits them. We also support members in developing their own coaching skills.

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As a club, and as individuals, we often organise trips around the UK and abroad to paddle new waters. These include placid water and canal paddles, white water river running, surf kayaking, sea kayaking and canoe camping. Most of these are at least partly suitable for beginners and they're great fun and an excellent way to meet other members and make new paddling friends.

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Paddling Disciplines



The traditional kayak has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler who propels the craft with a double-bladed paddle. Modern kayaks vary in design depending on the environment in which they are intended for use.

UHCC members enjoy many styles of kayaking, from touring canals and slow flowing rivers, to exploring the coast in sea kayaks, surfing the waves and experiencing the thrills of white water creeks and rivers.

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Open Canoeing

The open canoe is an versatile craft, which can be used on placid, moving, white and open water. It is ideal for new paddlers, regardless of age, experience or ability. Families, young people and paddlers with a disability are especially welcome, as are solo paddlers.


Our fleet of open canoes are available to try out at our weekly Sunday Bark Store sessions and we run dedicated coaching sessions and various trips suitable for these craft.

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White Water

Anyone who is confident paddling their chosen craft in a controlled way on flat water can give white water a go. From navigating gentle grade 2 rapids and wave trains, to surfing holes and sending waterfalls, white water paddling offers challenges and thrills for all skill levels.

UHCC members regularly paddle at our local weir in Southampton as well as travelling further afield to paddle rivers and white water courses. We organise trips and coaching to introduce beginners to the discipline as well as providing for more experienced paddlers.

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Surf Kayaking
There is nothing quite like the experience of catching a wave and feeling its power as it carries you effortlessly in to shore. While specialist craft exist, surf kayaking is possible in almost any short, closed-cockpit kayak or sit-on-top, but those with flat bottoms and "rails" tend to work best.

At UHCC we normally run at least two surf kayaking trips a year to North Cornwall. Our members can also be found surfing the local breaks when conditions allow.

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Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking appeals to anyone who enjoys open spaces, salt air and the feeling of being at one with nature. However, the ocean can be temperamental, so weather, tides and charts should be considered and journeys planned.

UHCC runs a weekly sea kayaking session from early May through to late October, as well as other trips locally and further afield.

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