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Several Upper Hamble Canoe Club members are qualified British Canoeing coaches, who will instruct participants in all aspects of technique, safety and understanding at our club sessions as well as on club trips.


We help members progress through the British Canoeing Award system at a rate that suits them.


We also support members in developing their own coaching and leadership skills.

Paddling Awards
Develop your Paddling Skills

Our club coaches can get you started with the  British Canoeing Paddle Awards:

   • BC Paddle Start - A place to start your paddling journey. If you’re brand new to the sport and really want to learn the basics to get started, then this is the award for you. You’ll cover everything from getting in and out of the boat, what you need to wear and paddling forward.

   • BC Paddle Discover - Develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler. This awards is for anyone of any age who wants to develop their skills on the water. You don’t need any previous experience and you can take the award in any craft.

   • BC Explore Award - If you want to become independent on the water, go on self-guided adventures and know how to control your craft and stay safe on the water, this is the award for you. Learn to make confident choices, based on the places you paddle, wind and weather. Working with a coach you will be able to develop a programme that suits your needs. Designed to help you gain confidence on the water, this award is aimed at any craft, age and ability.

Personal Performance Awards

If you are interested in progressing further with the British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards in specific disciplines then our coaches and other experienced members of the club can offer advice on which awards are appropriate for you. We can also recommend professional coaches and training providers. If we are running a club trip there may be an opportunity to receive coaching as part of that, so please ask if you are interested!

You can find out more about the BC Personal Performance Awards here.

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Safety and Rescue Training


Getting training in safety and rescue techniques is a really great way to build your confidence on the water. It also increases your ability to contribute to any group you paddle with or to help effectively if you see someone else in trouble.

UHCC coaches can provide basic safety and rescue training at Lakeside and pool sessions as well as some Bark Store Sessions. If you are interested then just ask one of our session leaders. This training includes safe exit from your craft upon capsizing, self-rescue, learning to roll in a kayak and using throwlines safely and effectively.

British Canoeing Safety Training Courses

  • Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) - All about keeping safe on sheltered water venues, this hands on course is packed with safe, practical solutions. A solution-focused course for paddlers of all ages, covering the full range of paddlesport craft.

  • White Water Safety & Rescue Training (WWSR) - This is a great course to consider if you are just venturing into white water paddling, as it teaches you how to swim defensively in grade 2 waters, which in itself can be a huge confidence booster. The course will be tailored by the provider to those in the group, whether they are new to the environment or experienced paddlers looking to refresh their safety training and improve their decision-making skills. The training aims to support you to consider safe practices, provide practical solutions to common issues and appropriate responses to incidents, providing peace of mind when venturing out onto the rivers.

  • Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue Training - Provides the underpinning knowledge and safe practical skills that can be applied appropriately in grade 3-4 white water. The course will, in the main, be delivered as part of a journey on grade 3-4 white water. The equipment and resources used will therefore be limited to those normally available to a paddler journeying in this environment. The course is based round the needs of the white water kayaker.

  • Advanced Surf Safety & Rescue Training - This award is designed for advanced surf paddlers operating in a moderate to advanced surf environment and is suitable for those seeking their Advanced Surf Kayak Leader Award or wanting to learn the principles of safe, advanced surfing and rescue techniques.

Click on the logos to visit the websites of some suggested course providers >    

Safety and Rescue Training
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Sea Kayaking Safety Training

Safety at sea and in coastal waters requires a combination of skills as well as a good understanding of tides, winds and currents. Preparation and planning is key to an enjoyable day on the water. If you are interested in learning more about sea kayking safety and opportunities for training, speak to a committee member or the Sea Kayaking Rep. There are opportunities to learn to roll a sea kayak as well as rescue techniques for getting yourself or your fellow paddlers back into the boat while far from shore, at our summer Lakeside sessions as well as at Sunday Bark Store sessions - let us know and we can arrange for someone to help you with this.

VHF Marine Radio training courses are also valuable to sea kayakers. There are many local providers of these courses. Recently, UHCC members have used and recommend the course run by Duck 2 Water.

Coaching and Leadership Skills
Develop your Coaching and Leadership Skills

As a club we are very supportive of members developing their own leadership and coaching skills. It is an excellent way to give back to our paddling community. We organise training for groups of members to develop their coaching skills and gain BC coaching qualifications. If you are interested in trainging to become a coach or leader for club sessions please get in touch with the club secretary to find out more.

The club also offers a funding scheme to support members financially if they use their coaching or leading qualifications to support club activities. Find out more here.

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